The New Nissan Leaf


2018 New Nissan Leaf


After months the new 2018 Nissan Leaf has been officially revealed. It has received a complete redesign to hopefully bring it up to speed with their newer competitors such as Chevy Bolt and the Tesla Model 3.


Nissan have claimed that the new 40 kWh battery will give 150 miles of range. A 43 mile increase over the previous model’s 30 kWh battery. However this matches nowhere near the Bolt and Model 3’s 238 and 220 miles range. Nissan do state that they plan to offer a more powerful version with a larger range the following year.


The new Leaf also features a new single pedal, named the e-Pedal by Nissan whom describes the feature as “Revolutionary”. The e-Pedal handles starting, acceleration, decelerating and stopping; when the pedal is released friction is applied and regenerative brakes can bring the car to a total stop even on steep inclines.


Furthermore, the Leaf also is the first car to adopt Nissan’s new ProPilot Autonomous Driving Technology for single-lane driving along with ProPilot Park which handles parking maneuvers.


Nissan states that;

The new Nissan Leaf’s design includes a low, sleek profile that gives it a sharp, dynamic look. Along with excellent aerodynamics, the styling — from the sleek silhouette to the car’s “advanced expression” — evokes the exhilaration of driving an EV.

Familiar Nissan design features include the signature boomerang-shaped lamps and V-motion flow in the front. The flash-surface grille in clear blue and the rear bumper’s blue molding emphasize its identity as a Nissan EV.

The interior also features a 7-inch touchscreen which support Apple CarPlay.

The new Leaf starts from £26,125 RRP and is on sale from early 2018.

So where does Hills Motors come into this?

We pride ourselves at Hills at being the main competitor and being constantly up to date with the latest technology. Hills will be at the forefront of understanding this new technology such as the e-Pedal to help out the customers who seek this part.