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Buying Parts off eBay – Must Know Tips!

Here are some top tips for buying parts off of eBay. Know Your Seller There are so many sellers on eBay for used car parts it can always be quite a daunting experience with so many options. Be careful who you choose to purchase from, just because the part is cheaper doesn’t mean it will be in the same…

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How can I find car parts near me?

A common problem amongst people looking for car parts is how soon they can get there parts and the best places to get parts near to them. The biggest problem is using someone on eBay who isn’t a certified seller. This can lead to a number of problem such as a slow dispatch and delivery, this can take up…

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Journey to the Moon – Farewell Delivery Van!

Today marks the day in which we said goodbye to one of our longest serving delivery vans. After clocking up a grand total of 225,000 miles, enough miles to travel to the moon! We decided it was time for her to hang up her boots(or wheels). From delivering parts all over the UK every day the van has clocked…

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