Should You Buy Used Tyres?

Like most things tyres wear out over time and an unexpected puncture or pothole can cause a massive headache for anyone. To put it plainly eventually anyone who drives a car will have to decide on buying some new tyres for their car.

It can be quite daunting as to how much a new set of tyres could cost you which is were the alternative of part worn tyres can come to your aid!

Better Prices

Generally speaking part worn tyres will come with a much, much lower price tag than buying them new and a lot of the time you could be buying a tyre that is similar in condition, something that is just a few months old will be considered a part worn tyre! A used tyre could even just be the spare that has come out of the car and has never once been used!

The main thing to look out for when buying a part worn tyre is the tread depth of the tyre, currently in the UK the minimum is 1.6mm, the tread of a brand new tyre is 8mm. To find out more about legal tread read here.

So when it comes to your car why pay more for a similar tyre to new? At Hills Salvage & Recycling every tyre is safety and quality checked by our tyre department before they are tagged up into our system. Furthermore, we offer our own tyre fitting service to make sure you are getting the best tyre for the price you pay. 

‘Green’ Tyres

In addition to the cheaper prices for yourself, buying part worn used tyres for your car means you are putting a recycling product back onto the road thus doing your part for helping the environment. When it comes to going green, it is best to keep high polluting items such as tyres in rotation instead of it going to a landfill. 

Cons of Part Worn Tyres

Getting such a cheaper price on part worn tyres does come with downsides however. 

Rubber tyres deteriorate over time even when they aren’t being used at all, this could lead to unknown cracks on them which could later cause huge problems. Also, it’s difficult to estimate the lifespan and use of a tyre, a lot of tyres aren’t meant to be used beyond six years. 

 The lifespan of a part worn tyre also begs the questions whether they are completely worth it from a budgeting perspective. If you are only getting half a year or so out of a set of part worn tyres that had fairly low tread then is it really worth it? Could it be a better idea to purchase brand new instead? 

If you use a reputable company such as Hills you know exactly what you will be receiving in terms of condition and tread which enables you to make such decisions on whether part worn tyres would be worth it. To further add to this should you decide you would rather purchase tyres new, not a problem! We can buy in brand new tyres for you and fit them on site for a competitive price! No matter on your decision with tyres whether part worn or new we can help no matter what.