Why You Should Recycle your Car

Why Should You Recycle a Car?

So what happens when customers recycle their old car? Every year over 25 million tonnes of materials get recycled from old vehicles. This means that vehicles are becoming one of the most recycled consumer products today. In Europe alone 8 million vehicles get recycled yearly. We here at Hills Motors Salvage & Recycling pride ourselves in adding to this ever-growing number.

Around 80% of a vehicle can get recycled, something we strive for is making sure that as much of a vehicle gets recycled at our yard. Through our spare parts store we put parts back into their natural use at competitive prices. This means that you, the consumer, can receive the best price to get your pride and joy back on the road. Recycling and the environment is becoming more of a focus we find it essential to reuse, recycle and resell.
By sourcing parts from Hills customers will not only be saving money. BUT will also be helping the environment by reducing the impact made from producing new parts!

What happens in the average life cycle of a car?

Raw materials are purchased and components can be produced to manufacturer a new car. The car is purchased and serviced at a dealer using new parts for the first 3 years of its life. After this time the car may be serviced at an outside dealer network using new or recycled parts. These are sourced from alternative suppliers, such as Hills. On average a car is sold 5 times in its lifetime with each owner further purchasing recycled parts from our company. The lifespan of a car is around 15 years old. At the end of its life the car is then sold to a recycling yard such as us at Hills. In return we recycle up to 80% of the car in line with the Environment Agency. The separated recycled materials are then sold back into the industry as raw materials and the cycle begins. So in reality when a car is sent to hills as scrap to be recycled it is giving life to another new car through environmentally friendly means!

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Why recycle a vehicle to Hills?

Hills are the UK’s leading vehicle salvage & recycling companies. We are constantly growing and coming up with better, new ways to make the most out of your recycled parts. Furthermore, with our huge used parts store getting larger we are able to cater to the majority of needs when it comes to wanting a vehicle part! This means we go above and beyond for customers, getting them competitively priced parts. Our state of the art headquarters, high levels of professionalism and expertise prove why you should always choose Hills. Whether you are looking for a new vehicle, looking to scrap an old vehicle or needing a part for your car. Look no further than Hills Salvage and Recycling.

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