HELP Save the Environment – Recycle Your Old Car

How can you help?

One of the major ways to help is to just recycle your waste such as cans, newspapers and bottles. The main way in which Hills Salvage & Recycling helps is through recycling your old vehicles when they have reached the end of their life.

As Greenfleet have stated, recycling materials such as steel ‘can reduce emissions by about two tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per tonne of product.’ Recycling your old car reduces this need for the process!

Reduce Toxic Substances

Steel smelting is a big danger for wildlife in surrounding areas also. The method destroys habitats as well as polluting the land leading to damaged plants and soils. This is another huge reason to minimise steel mining! In addition to this leaving a vehicle to deteriorate hazardous liquids can also leak causing further environmental damage. Recycling at an authorised centre avoids this harm.

Furthermore, the reduction in landfills from recycling your old car further adds to helping to environment. Landfill sites increase the amount of methane, a harmful greenhouse gas, from being produced. Each car recycled is one less vehicle in landfill.

Machine Grabber Handler

Car Grabber Handler for Recycling a Car.

Where Can I Recycle Old Car?

Up to 95% of every vehicle is recycled at Hills Salvage & Recycling. We use the latest methods to safely remove all harmful materials from your old car before we reuse and recycle as much of the vehicle as possible.

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