Hills pledge to put the RE back into REcycling

Where and whenever possible we will reuse functional vehicle components. Through our recycled spares and parts business we will reintroduce these parts into natural use wherever possible. As our business grows we will reinvest in new recycling methods to make sure we remain at the forefront of vehicle recycling. Our aim is to reverse the amount of waste that is consigned to land fill sites and how it impacts on your environment.

In addition to this, as result of our pledge we urge the public to recalculate the cost of running their car in these times where the government is only increasing the cost of owning a vehicle. By utilising our recycled parts whenever your car needs them we guarantee that you will reduce the cost of car ownership.

But don’t worry, whatever is not reused, will be recycled, reformed and resold back into industry as raw materials for future production.

Help us to recharge your environment through careful recycling. Go Green with Hills and make BIG savings!

Furthermore, by sourcing parts from Hills you will not only be saving money but you will also be helping the environment by reducing the environmental impact made from producing new parts. 

Average Car Lifecycle


  • Raw materials purchased.
  • Components produced.
  • Manufacturer builds car.
  • Car purchased.
  • Car serviced at dealer using new parts for 3 years.
  • Car sold.
  • Car serviced outside dealer network using new and recycled parts sourced from alternative suppliers such as Hills.
  • Car sold on average 5 times its life – each owner using more recycled parts to keep costs down.
  • On average a car comes to the end of its useful life at approximately 15 years old.
  • Car sold to Hills for recycling.
  • As an Authorised Treatment Facility Hills recycle up to 80% of vehicles raw materials in line with the Environment Agency.
  • The separated recycled materials are then sold back to industry as raw materials for various production requirements.


NB. Hills also deal with vehicles whose life ends prematurely due to accident, fire or theft damage. We have contracts with many of the UK’s top insurers for the removal and recycling of this type of vehicle.