Company Update – New Machinery Additions!

Some exciting news as we continue to move forward within the industry. We are very excited to have added to our continuously growing fleet of machinery and delivery vans.

We have added 2 new transporters, a new forklift as well as multiple new delivery vans to add to our fleet. Enabling us to continue to give a exceedingly impressive delivery service which delivers parts all over the United Kingdom daily. See the images below to check out our new additions!

We hope to further add to our fleet as time goes on as Hills continues to grow and move forward. Since beginning as a bodyshop over 50 years ago we have taken pride in our huge levels of customer satisfaction and the lengths we will go to to ensure our customers have the best possible experience with our company. The investments made show the levels we will go to in order to make sure we can carry on leading the salvage & dismantling industry.

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