Buying Parts off eBay – Must Know Tips!

Here are some top tips for buying parts off of eBay.

Know Your Seller

There are so many sellers on eBay for used car parts it can always be quite a daunting experience with so many options. Be careful who you choose to purchase from, just because the part is cheaper doesn’t mean it will be in the same condition as something more expensive. Furthermore, unknown damage from a poor quality check is more frequent in listings from your average joe. Make sure you check your part is from a reputable seller such as ourselves, every part is quality checked and imaged professionally to make sure you know what part you are getting.

Need The Part Quickly?

To add to the previous point, a lot of sellers can take up to 3 days to just dispatch the item, not including delivery times. In a lot of cases the part will be needed urgently in order to get your car back on the road. This is again where a reputable seller like Hills can help. Every part sold on eBay before 2:00pm will be dispatched for a next day delivery meaning you get your part as soon as possible and properly packaged.

Is It The Correct Part?

It’s always a big worry for eBay buyers whether the part will actually fit and be compatible with your vehicle. If you purchase a part from a seller which is wrong, it wastes your time as well as the sellers time. Every part that is sold we check the compatibility of the part with the buyer to make sure that it is 100% the correct part to save any issues with the part being wrong when it is delivered.

Check ALL Images

It’s important to make sure you check every image available when buying a part from eBay, especially a second hand one. If there aren’t enough pictures make sure you ask for more to be sure there aren’t any hidden damages that cannot be seen in the images. At Hills we tend to take at least 12 high quality images of the part highlighting every section of damage if there are any especially with panels as scratches tend to be more common with them.

Is It The Right Colour?

When choosing a panel 9/10 times you will want it in the right colour at least. This can be a pain especially when manufacturers have so many different colour choices for your vehicle so finding the correct one can prove annoying. This is where our eBay store can help, every single one of our panels that goes to our store will include a colour code of the vehicle it has come off. This means you don’t need to worry about finding the correct colour and checking VIN’s as we have done the hard work for you already.

We hope these tips come in handy when you are next buying a used part from eBay, for the easiest and most stress free transaction feel free to check out our store! Make sure to check out the rest of our blog for helpful guides!