A Guide on Buying Used Car Parts with Hills



Buying Used Car Parts

Buying used car parts,can always be an expensive and frustrating task. What makes it more frustrating is the potential wait that you might have to endure when waiting for a new part to be delivered. So, this brings in the question, should you buy used parts? Is there much of a quality difference and why should you choose Hills Motors to source your needed parts?


What you need to know
when buying a used car part:

  • Know what you need.
    You need to be exactly sure of what part you are looking for when
    you are purchasing. It helps to have the part with you to compare. Furthermore,
    some parts are often not returnable. However, at Hills Motors we are
    specialised in being able to find your exact part number so you get a perfect
    part match as well as being able to guarantee a 90-day warranty every time you
    buy with us.
  • Don’t be afraid.
    If you are unsure about your part do not hesitate to contact us and
    ask us questions, we are always happy to help and also carry the knowledge to
    be able to help. Need a colour code? Just ask! Need a part number? Just ask! We
    will always be more than happy to lend a hand.
  • Trust the company.
    You do not want to be buying parts from an unknown company,
    especially off of eBay. This can lead to all kinds of implications. Using a
    company such as Hills means that you are purchasing from a known and trusted
    supplier of used car parts.



Buying body panels:

It’s always a stressful task when you are searching for a
specific colour coded body panel and you can come across many variations of
different colour codes (A personal favourite being Saturday White Fever). At
Hills, we pride ourselves in being efficient and organised with our stores and
parts which is why every single body panel in our stores is colour coded so we
can quickly find you the panel you are looking for.


Buying Used Parts

The best way to get parts nowadays and the quickest is
buying through online stores such as our own webstore. The webstore shows our
entire inventory of parts that we currently have as well as all of our
breakers. Using our webstore means you can quickly request a part, a part price
or even pictures of the part even if it is on the vehicle. Using our online
live chat also means that you will always receive a quick response from our
team during work hours.

So, the question is now, why wouldn’t you buy used parts?
Through Hills Motors you know you are receiving parts from a trusted supplier,
a knowledgeable supplier and also receiving competitive prices for all parts.
If you have found a part from a different company, message us and we will see
if we can beat their price!